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Free plant-based e-book



I hope you’re doing so well and enjoying the light.  I’ve been worshipping Surya the Sun God (in between the rain!!) during my morning practices and classes over the past few weeks with Surya Namaskar and giving thanks for all the bounty the Sun provides.   I’ve been feeling the rising solar energy since Beltane and have been in the writing cave honouring the shakti coming through to put down onto paper plant-based nutrition wisdom.  My new e-book will be birthed soon but until that time, I have a free gift for you as a valued member of my community and as a taster for what’s to come.   Throughout my 15 year career as a personal trainer people often come to me with the goal of trimming down and reducing their body fat.  Diet is obviously a key part of what we look at together and clients often ask me ‘What should I eat?’  My new e-book will be a collection of some of my favourite plant-based recipes that are specifically designed to help people answer that question and to reach their goals. Click the link below for a free sample.  My 7-day plan is coming very soon!

Free plant-based ebook

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A yoga and meditation teacher based in the heart of London.

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