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7 day plant-based e-cook book

antioxidant-berries-beverage-1842615Happy summer solstice and International Yoga Day.  I hope you manage to spend some of this longest, lightest, brightest summer’s day doing what you love the most.  I’ve been in the writing cave recently and have a brand new plant-based e-cook book that i’m delighted to share.  It’s packed full of my favourite recipes that I use all the time and also share with my clients to help them achieve their health and fitness goals.  The latest research on eating a plant-based diet is really staggering, not just in terms of heart-health, diabetes and cancer but also on helping people to get their weight down and lose body fat.  The latest research shows that people who eat a high-quality plant-based diet (not chips and candy!) are healthier, lighter and leaner.   So whether you’re looking to go completely plant-based or just to cut down on the amount of animal protein that you currently eat, I hope that you’ll find some of these recipes useful and inspiring and that you’ll enjoy making and eating them as much as myself and my clients have.  By investing in my e-cook book you’ll gain the following:

– 25 Delicious plant-based recipes including breakfast, lunch, dinner and dessert options that are simple and easy to make
– Save up to £300 + per month!! By switching to making these recipes instead of eating out
– Lose weight and body fat
– Yogic recipes that are onion and garlic free.  Perfect for those following a yogic path who want to eat a Sattvic diet
–  All of my recipes are refined sugar-free and gluten-free
– They’re all made using natural, unprocessed whole foods

This juncture of the summer solstice is an auspicious time for intention setting, so where would you like to be in six months time with your health, well-being and fitness goals when we’re at the winter solstice?   I wish you every success on your path.

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