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About You

You’re likely a busy urban professional or local mum who wants to get back in shape, relieve the stresses and strains of modern life, or improve your health, fitness or well-being through the essential arts of yoga, meditation or personal training.  Perhaps you already have a Yoga practice, or go to the gym regularly but are looking for some private instruction at your home, office or gym to compliment your existing practice or exercise routine to really take it to the next level and start seeing results.  Or perhaps you’re new to yoga or training but know about the incredible health benefits, well-being and stress relief on offer but are struggling to make it along to a class or the gym for various reasons and you’d prefer an experienced, qualified, professional teacher to come to you.

Some common values we might share are an interest in excellence in Yoga and exercise teaching, professionalism, reliability, honesty, integrity, kindness, gratitude, creativity, growth, results, being stretched, being present, being, seeing the good and beauty in others.



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