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Personal training – Small group classes

Personal Training – Small group classes

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The small group PT classes that I run are available online via Zoom and suitable for all levels and abilities including complete beginners.  The classes are ideal if you’re working from your home or workspace and you don’t have much time or any equipment.

The classes have been created, so that you can have a great, fun and varied workout, with the support of a group of training buddies and trainer, without having to spend your precious time travelling for a work-out.  They also save you time figuring out what to do when you get there.

The classes start with a short aerobic style warm-up followed by resistance exercises using your own body-weight and occasionally adding in some resistance with whatever you have to hand in your space – you’ll be surprised at how creative we can all be in finding resistance when needed to add to our work-outs!

We finish with some stretches and generally leave feeling great with a big smile on our faces knowing that we’ve done our bit for the day to stay fit and healthy and kick our butts into shape.  Minimum class size =3 participants, maximum = 12 participants


  • Excellent full-body resistance workout
  • Great if you’re time poor
  • No equipment needed
  • Not much space needed
  • Support and camaraderie of a small group who often become familiar friendly faces
  • Expert guidance and motivation from a trainer with 15 years experience
  • Ask questions whenever you like
  • Receive feedback on your technique
  • Receive the motivation you need to work-out at the correct intensity to get results
  • No need to figure out what to do for your work-out – Just show up and give it your best shot
  • Cost effective

Days and times of classes

Monday’s 12pm-12.30pm

Thursday’s 12pm-12.30pm


Drop in class £10

5 class pack (6 week expiry) £45

Here’s what my clients say about the classes:

“I cannot recommend it more highly.  It’s a brilliant all over workout.  The 30 minutes flies by and it’s made such a difference to my well-being during lock-down.” – Dr. Rosa Malley

” I have found the classes to be such a blessing on my journey to health and wellness.” – Melissa Joseph

How to book a class

Email or call 07739 397377 to make an enquiry or to book a class

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