Work with me

” You find peace not by rearranging the circumstances of your life, but by realising who you are at the deepest level” – Eckhart Tolle

You can work with me in person or online.  The One-to-one sessions or private instruction that I offer in person is a great way to really develop your own practice or fitness and learn at a pace that suits you.  It’s ideal if you struggle to make it along to classes because of work or family commitments as the lessons can be tailored to a time that works for you.  It is a great resource that can be used alongside regular classes to really enhance your learning experience, particularly if you are pregnant, injured or have something specific that you would like to learn about, uncover, practice or work towards.  The lessons can be arranged at your home or office.  I teach in the City and surrounding areas.

New clients are now booking from January 2020.  Please contact for more information, pricing and corporate and private client terms and conditions

“ I have had 1-2-1 yoga sessions with Claire since 2010. Claire knows so much about how the body works and what it needs and how yoga can help it to restore when necessary. Claire helps me look after my mental health, emotional stability and my physical body. Claire has helped me change my body shape into what feels right for me and give me the tools I need every day to enjoy and deal with life. Claire brilliantly understands how sometimes I need asanas to challenge me and show that I am progressing as well as an understanding that sometimes I need to find a way to use my yoga to heal an area that doesn’t feel right.  And we do both, very often in the same session. Claire’s intuition, expertise, patience and openness has ensured that my practice is sustained, hugely enjoyable and something I look forward to three times a week. Thank you Claire!”

Alison Burdick – Marketing Director Kingsley Napley

“I’ve greatly enjoyed learning to be more bendy than ever before with the fantastic Claire Smith, who has done her best to encourage and extend me, while minimising laughing at both my ineptitude and poor jokes. Highly recommended. It’s relaxing, frustrating, and rewarding in equal measure.”

Matt Collins – Executive Director JPM Chase

‘Like most noble journeys, getting there is half the fun’

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