Our dark side – Dealing with the negative

Dealing with the darkside pic

It is said that the bits we don’t like in others are really the hidden parts of ourselves that we don’t like. The parts of ourselves that we’ve decided are so ugly and so unlovable that we’ve shoved them down there in the basement of our consciousness where we can no longer see them. I’ve had one of those situations recently, where something about myself (something I’d shoved down there in the basement), was shown to me by another. You know, when a big ol button gets pressed? Well, something in me is shifting today as i practice in learning to open to that part of myself…my dark side. Name it, feel it, open to it, accept it, love it. A simple but powerful practice in finding more peace and balance within. Me lately on walking meditations: “Dear rudeness, thank-you for being with me I know you’re there. Breathing in…i acknowledge my rudeness, hello rudeness,….breathing out I smile and i embrace my rudeness tenderly with the energy of mindfulness…breathing in I acknowledge my rudeness….hello rudeness, thank-you for being with me…breathing out I smile and embrace and love my rudeness”….(repeated lots). It’s taken a while but im finally ready to say thank-you. Thank-you universe for showing me where I’m stuck, for showing me where I need to heal, i’m feeling better now, feeling more whole, more rude.