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Private yoga sessions – Available online

The private online yoga sessions that I offer are suitable for all ages, abilities and levels from complete beginners through to advanced practitioners and teachers alike.  I teach various styles depending on your needs and requirements, ranging from the gentlest yoga therapy and restorative yoga to the more challenging solar Prana Vinyasa flow.

After an initial Zoom/Skype consultation to discuss your needs and how private online yoga sessions can help, the sessions generally start with some gentle warm-up postures often lying down or seated to help you make the transition from your hectic work/life schedule into your yoga practice and to prepare your body and mind for the practice ahead.

The sessions then typically move into intelligently designed flowing sequences of postures that help to unwind tension and stress from the mind, neck, shoulders, spine, hips and hamstrings.

The sessions often include some breathing techniques or breath-work to help relieve any remaining tension from the mind and nervous system and to connect you with your essential nature before a relaxation at the end of the session which allows the work to go deeper and your nervous system time to integrate it.

The deeper work also includes intention setting towards your highest goals and aspirations to help you become more powerful in your manifestations and also inviting you into a process of releasing stored, stuck emotions or energy to be transmuted and therefore healed.

The breath is central to the practice (and life!) and so you will also be invited to practice various techniques on how to breathe more effectively and efficiently during the sessions.  Should you so choose, you’ll be able to take away simple breath-work that can be used as and when needed during your day and life off-of the mat to keep you in harmony and balance.

The relaxation or savasana at the end of practice, helps your nervous system to save and integrate all of the work completed during the practice so that you can take the peace, calm and inner stillness that you’ve uncovered and connected with you back into your work-day.

Depending on your needs and requirements, specific yoga postures can also be taught to help with back-care and core stability issues along with relief from stress, insomnia, anxiety and depression.

The Benefits of private online yoga sessions

  • The sessions are tailored around you, your growth and your personal needs
  • The sessions adapt and change as you grow to allow you to keep on growing and not stagnate!
  • Flexible – Book them at a time to suit your schedule and move them if you need to
  • Ask questions whenever you want
  • Have an expert trained to see subtleties guide you on your path and ask the right questions at the right time
  • Saves time and energy, no need to travel
  • Start seeing and experiencing results quicker
  • Feedback on your practice
  • More cost effective online than in person – no travel fee!

How it works 

Email or call 07739 397377 to make an inquiry or to book your first session via Skype or Zoom.  Various times are available to suit your schedule for private yoga sessions.  The first session will be 1 hr 15 to include the consultation or alternatively, book your consultation separately.


Pay in advance of the session/s:

1 hr session £65
6 x 1 hr sessions £360

Here’s what my clients say:

“ I have had 1-2-1 yoga sessions with Claire since 2010. Claire knows so much about how the body works and what it needs and how yoga can help it to restore when necessary. Claire helps me look after my mental health, emotional stability and my physical body. Claire has helped me change my body shape into what feels right for me and give me the tools I need every day to enjoy and deal with life. Claire brilliantly understands how sometimes I need asanas to challenge me and show that I am progressing as well as an understanding that sometimes I need to find a way to use my yoga to heal an area that doesn’t feel right.  And we do both, very often in the same session. Claire’s intuition, expertise, patience and openness has ensured that my practice is sustained, hugely enjoyable and something I look forward to three times a week. Thank you Claire!”

Alison Burdick – Marketing Director Kingsley Napley


Nick Rollason

Louise Hodges


“My husband and I have a weekly class with Claire in the comfort of our own home. My husband wants to improve strength and flexibility for his climbing and I enjoy the exercise and the mental benefit of yoga. Claire manages to balance to two goals with a personalised flow. Claire is a very experienced teacher who knows when to push us to take our yoga practice to a deeper level and when to give us more space to enjoy the meditative elements of the practice. We both very much look forward to the session”. – Lucy Pert – Partner Hausfeld

“I’ve greatly enjoyed learning to be more bendy than ever before with the fantastic Claire Smith, who has done her best to encourage and extend me, while minimising laughing at both my ineptitude and poor jokes. Highly recommended. It’s relaxing, frustrating, and rewarding in equal measure.” Matt Collins – Executive Director JPM Chase

How to book a session

Call 07739 397377 or email

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